The Israeli-Palestine Conflict

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War in Palestine
` The War in Palestine has a big conflict with to major country’s effected their behavior between them. It’s called the Israeli-Palestinian conflict; these two countries have an on going struggle between the Israeli and Palestinians. The war began in the mid 20s century. In the 19th century Palestine before it became Israel was inhabited by a population approximately 86 percent of Muslim, 10 percent Christian, and only 4 percent Jewish and they were actually living in peace. In the 1800s Europe decided to take over the land of Palestine. Which is known as the Zionist. On the other hand what’s quoted on A Synopsis of the Israel/Palestine Conflict, “Their goal was to Crete a Jewish homeland, and they considered locations in Africa and the Americans, Before settling on Palestine,” (Synopsis), this tells you their idea on which the European’s wanted to place the Jewish people before taking over the Palestine land.
In the 1947-1949 War in Palestine was widely resulting war including five Arab armies, known as the Zionists forces that outnumbered all Arab and Palestinian...
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