The Recognition of Israel: World War II

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Recognition of Israel
World War II left Europe in ruins and devastated those who lived there, but nobody was more affected than the Jews. When the war ended, the U.S. and other countries revealed to the world the amount of torture and mistreatment the Jews suffered under Nazi control. Many wanted to help these suffering outcasts, so Jewish Zionists suggested the Jews be relocated to Palestine, where they could live in peace away from others(Devine, 1). Britain and President Truman felt sympathetic for the Jews, and decided to help them establish a new Jewish homeland in the Middle East. During the formation of Israel, the U.S. played a big role by establishing a committee, supporting U.N. and Jewish intentions, and recognizing Israel as a country. Although the recognition was a success, each event had some type of effect on the Palestinians or Americans.
The story of the state of Israel began with a man named Abraham, and a promise that God made to him. God told him to leave his homeland, promising Abraham and his descendants a new home in the land of Canaan, known as present day Israel(Rich, 1). Abraham was a firm believer in God, and decided to carry out his commands, since he knew God would be able to fulfill His promise to him. It was here, that God gave Abraham a unique homeland for his descendents to form a model nation. In the Torah, The Land of Israel was claimed to be the only place on the earth where the Jewish people could create the model nation(Spiro, 1). Jews desired to fulfill God’s plan to create the model nation, forming a strong connection between the land and the people for all eternity. Nonetheless, the Jews have not always been in political control of Israel; foreign nations had always been attacking the land...

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...e to win the war. In the end, 6,000 Israeli lives were lost, but this was only a small part of the population, and the win only strengthened the country (Trueman, 1). The Jews were motivated to keep Israel since the Israelites had been exiled from the Promise Land for centuries, and were determined to recreate God’s plan for a model nation. This victory was a premonition to a successful future for the people of Israel.
It took many plans and patience from Zionists and others, but in the end the Jews got their own homeland as a refuge for being tortured by Nazi’s. The Anglo-American Inquiry Committee started the attempt to get Jews into Palestine by approval from the BMA. Truman supported the intentions of the U.N. and Jews, favoring their opinions. After a failed attempt by Arab forces to rebel, the Jews emerged victorious and the State of Israel was established.

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