Essay Personal Opinion About Religion and God

Essay Personal Opinion About Religion and God

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Since our childhood we are told to always obey the will of God. To differentiate between good and bad and always choose the good path; the path laid by God for the Muslims. To do as He commands. And as a prize He would shower His blessings upon us in the afterlife. And if we fail to do so, then we will have to face His wrath and burn in the fires of hell.
This shows that each and every person is given a choice of which path to choose. The path of righteousness or the path of blasphemy. Righteous would bring you the joy of God and He would reward you in the afterlife, but in this world, you would have to sacrifice. You would have to live according to the will of God and forsake the pleasures of this world. While on the other hand if you do not believe in God you could have all the pleasures of this world, but condemned for the next life. This is a simple test, whether you want the pleasures and joys of this temporary world right now or the permanent pleasures of the next life?
All the Muslims follow the path of righteousness because they believe that they were created by God and should do as He commands. At the point of every decision at every second of life they forsake their pleasures in order to obey the will of God. They know that this life is temporary and yet a greater prize awaits them which shall be permanent.
This is what I believed in. In lecture no. 6: Islamic legal tradition, we were taught that God knows everything. He knows how a person would live his life, which choices he would take in his life and how would they affect him. If it is the will of God how to shape the life of every individual then what is the purpose of this life? Why are we being tested when our fate is already written? Why and on which basis judge a...

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...oices available to divert from it. And that the different things that we choose to do in life make more paths available and close off some.

I do not think that fate determines everything. But at the same time, I think that some things are pre-determined and that we cannot change or choose. We should not assume that suffering and pain is written in our fate and that no matter what we do we cannot change it, but we should seek the guidance from God and always choose the right path, as this life is our test and we would be awarded in the next one. It is not what we are (Muslim or non-Muslim) and what we get (money and other earthly pleasures) which determines whether we are good or bad because it is already written in our fate. The things which tests us and on the basis of which we would be awarded are the choices we take and the path we follow in achieving our fate.

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