How to Revive the Golden Era of Islam

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I’m going to describe the briefly introduction of the golden era of islam.The golden era of Islam starts in the mid of 8th century by the ascension of the Abbasid caliphate. He claimed to belong to the same tribe oh prophet Muhammad (SAW) that’s why he followed Quran and suuah, during this period the Arab world became a center of science, philosophy, medicine and education.

Is it possible to revive the golden era of Islam?

As a Muslim we should believe that we can do this. But problem is that what way we adopt to do this. Which factors affect on this and what should we do?

Muslim should focus on Islamic rules:

Islam is the only one region in the world that does tell us the everything about the way of life. Islam tells us the better way of life. Our prophet Muhammad (saw) is the ideal of every person and nation. The key of golden era was that they followed the Quran and sunnah.we should strictly follow the Islamic rules at every intendance to get success. There are two main sources of Islam.


The holy Quran is the book in which Allah almighty descried the everything in detail. There are two ways for every person one is right way mean follow the Islamic way of life and vice versa. If a person follow the Islamic way of life completely then he got success. But to get this success hard work is the first requirement .this is the key of, we can say that we should work very hard to revive the golden age of Islam. In Quran it is clearly described that “if u wants to change your condition you should work hard”. Its mean Muslims should struggle to get their aim.

On the other hand, Muslim should follow the behavior of that person whose are the idol for this world. The best example of the i...

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...ting thing is that we have adopted only negative things of the west for example western people always speak truth but in our society we can’t find truth in any field. The purpose to disuse this point is that we should change our behavior with human beings and our behavior should be according to Islam. If we concentrate the golden age of Islam then we can surely say that Muslims treated with human very politely and properly with the rules of Islam.


To conclude, we can revive the golden era of Islam to get higher education, concentrate on scientific search, to change our political thought, government should fulfill their duties and we should change our behavior with human beings.




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