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How do you know when to trust in someone? When you feel you are yourself when you’re with that person? Trusting people is very easy, but when you lose that trust is very hardtop get it back.
I’m a person that will always give people good advice, or need to talk to someone I will always be that person. I was a person that was very open. I loved to express my feelings, letting people now how I felt. I believed you could talk to a lot of people, and have interesting conversations with them. They might be strangers or people that you know, but there will always be certain people that you really trust. The people that you only trust is the people that you will tell them personal things or a secret that no one knows only you. Most people only trust their family members or their really close friends. Some people don’t trust no one know days.
Everyone when they were little they had a hero. I was always a daddy’s girl. I have two brothers, but since I’m the only girl in my family I was to attach to my father. I love spending time with him. I remember how my father would always pick me up from school and after school we would always go out for lunch; I always love lunchtime. I always trusted my father. Whenever I need something or when ever I wanted something and I would ask my mother for it, and when ever she would say no, I would go with my father and he would always get it for me. He made everything possible. When I ever need to talk to someone about something, like school or anything I would always talk to him. I trusted my father in everything. I just felt like I could always talk to him. Those days were perfect.
Until one day my parents gave me the news that they were going to get divorce, I felt like a piece of me was l...

... middle of paper ...

... now days. You just have to trust your self and be more confident about your self.
Overtime I come to realize that if you have someone’s trusted try to never make them lost that trust that he or she has, because when you start lying to that person you start lying more and more overtime. One day you’re realized that she or she doesn’t trust you anymore. I believed when you want to gave a long time relationship with someone you have to never want to disappointed that person, always tell the truth even if he or she gets offended. Its better if someone trusted you with the truth then someone trusting you with lies because sooner or later the truth come out. I can only trusted my mother since she has always been there for me since the very first time. She has always giving me advise about a lot of things. She made me realized that you can only trust yourself and God.

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