Essay on Personal Note On Dual Credit

Essay on Personal Note On Dual Credit

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Dual Credit 101
Everything you need to know about dual credit
Netanya Schlamowitz

Getting ahead in school work is something that most people want to do. Whether it be just taking AP courses, skipping a grade, or taking dual credit classes. If you want to take AP classes at Legacy, sorry, you’re out of luck. However, there is an alternative way to earn college credit at Legacy. This is by taking dual credit classes. Taking a dual credit class means that you will be taking a college course that is given by a college for both college credit and high school credit. Yes, you read that right. If you do dual credit, you will be taking college level courses, and BE in college while you are in high school.
If you are interested in taking dual credit classes, there a couple things you must know. First is that you will be taking classes at Collin County Community College, or CCCC. You will either be taking the classes online, on campus (face-to-face), or a blended class. A blended class means that you will take classes both online and face-to-face, but more than 50% of your class will be online. Another thing is that you must get AT LEAST an 80 in your dual credit class to get credit for both college and high school. If you get less than an 80, you will receive college credit but not high school credit, so you have to make sure that do well in all your dual credit classes.
If you are really serious about this, then there are steps that have to be followed in order to be able to take dual credit classes. First, you must apply for CCCC. This means that Collin accepts you in their college. Then you have to complete a High School Student Enrollment Permission Form and either email it to the college or go in person to the college and turn it...

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...l it to Collin. Also, there is mandatory training on preventing sexual violence that must be taken by all students. If there is a hold on your account, this may be the reason. Mr. Sanford will help you register for your classes, whether they be online or face-to-face. The school will pay for your tuition, so don’t worry there. They will also pay for your textbooks for your classes. Regardless of what type of class you taking, you should go to Collin and get your photo ID.
If you followed all these steps you should be able to take dual credit classes! Make sure to take to Mr. Sanford for more information and all of these steps are listed (and with links to forms) on the Collin College dual credit website, Good luck to anyone taking the TSI and I wish the best of luck to any students currently enrolled in dual credit classes!

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