Examples Of Professionalism In Nursing

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Alaska Marquez Sotelo
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Professionalism is specialization, knowledge, intellectual and individual responsibility along with a good group consciousness. Having humanist views to present to a patient illustrate personal integrity, respect for human dignity, protection from harm, and protection of a patients’ privacy. Professionalism is shown through a person’s expressions, attire and one’s image; professionalism not only involves standards and policies but also includes values and beliefs. Being a professional means when we have a situation that we may not agree with, it is important that we have an open mind to others point of view and work with them to accommodate their views. In nursing, professionalism is important for
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During my Junior year of high school, I started looking at nursing schools, and after comparing many nursing schools, the school that caught my eye was Clarkson College due to the fact that they have a lot to offer to the students. Clarkson has a one of a kind nursing program that will help me thrive as a nurse. A big factor for me in a nursing program is having a small class size to be able to have a closer relationship with my professor/instructor. Being that I am a fast learner, working hands-on with simulators at Clarkson I will be provided an excellent clinical feel of what I will be presented within the working world. I have always been fascinated by the anatomy and physiology of the human body and nursing, and attending Clarkson college will give me the education I need to be as successful a future nurse. My senior year of high school I wanted to get a head start in my health care career and I dual enrolled at Metropolitan Community College. It was an opportunity that I very much enjoyed and I gained much information from. Unfortunately, during my second semester in high school, my mother lost her job and I had to help support our household, so that left me with no other option than to drop the classes I was taking at Metro to be able to
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