Personal Narrative : Silence And Secrets Essay

Personal Narrative : Silence And Secrets Essay

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Silence and Secrets
Have you ever had to experience something so awful that you felt like you had to keep it a secret to yourself for a very long period of time? While you were keeping that secret bottled up inside you, did you do certain things to keep your mind off it or to forget about it all together? If so, you and Jesse Vogel have a lot in common, because keeping a secret bottled up inside himself is what determined a lot of situations and events in Jesse’s life. Jesse had an extremely horrifying event happen to him when he was just a child (seeing his entire family dead after his father murdered them and then the father himself taking his own life), and the aftermath of that event for Jesse became a daily struggle with himself to cope with his feelings and emotions after having such a horrific tragedy happen to him. My goal in this paper is to show how after all the years of Jesse staying silent about the event that happened to him, and how he would express his feelings and emotions with the people that he encountered (specifically the women in his life), would all eventually build up into how his favorite daughter Shelley reacted to Jesse’s silence.
The biggest male role model for Jesse when he was younger was his father, Willard Harte, and because of how Willard dealt with his emotions and how he communicated with Jesse, is only the beginning as to the reason why Jesse handled his emotions like he did later on in his lifetime. Even though Willard was normally a very boisterous and outgoing individual, and “when sober, he is himself, clear-eyed and impatient, eager to make jokes…” (Wonderland, 28), he would also tend to give Jesse the “silent treatment,” as a sign to Jesse as to not ask any questions about something Willar...

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...e was not going to do anything.” (Wonderland, 443) is what bothered Shelley so much that she decided to run away again the very next day.
After realizing Shelley had run away again, it was huge blow for Jesse to take, and what made it even worse was the letters that she would send him every once in a while, in which he would discover the things that she was doing while traveling across the country, which involved a lot of excessive drug use and the things that she and the people that she was with would do to receive those drugs. If he wouldn’t have gone out to find her in Toronto, she would have been another person in Jesse’s life whom he cared about, that he would lose forever. That only goes to show you how keeping emotions bottled up inside of you and staying silent about it, can not only have a major impact on your life, but on the lives of the people around you.

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