Personal Narrative : Polo Shirts And Messy Hair Essays

Personal Narrative : Polo Shirts And Messy Hair Essays

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Plaid skits, polo shirts and messy hair. This is how each morning of high school started. Seton High School, an all female catholic school in Cincinnati Ohio, this is where I finally started to appreciate my education. As an all female school we have eliminated stereotypes put on women in the education system. We have proven to ourselves and others that there should not be stereotypes set on genders in the education system, this will only make people want to work harder. When I entered junior I was introduced to my English teacher who changed the way I looked at the world from an analytical standpoint. My English teacher allowed me to grow in my understanding of literacy by teaching in unconventional ways and breaking gender stereotypes that ultimately influenced me as a critical analyst.
When I tell people I attended an all female catholic high school majority of the reactions are “Wow! I am so sorry that must have been horrible,” but I would not have changed my high school experience. Seton High School allowed me to grow as a person and as a writer. We broke down gender stereotypes, showing that although we are women, we are on the same level as men are when it comes to education. Due to being an all female school we valued learned to value our education, when hearing about women in other countries not having access to education it makes us think of how special it is to be able to attend the school we attend. When entering high school, I was a below average writer, I became self-conscious about writing and talking about what I wrote about to the class. Having the support of other women made me more confident in my writing and public speaking skills.
My The common misconception is men are better at math and science while wom...

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...we analyzed things. We were able to read different types of work that talked about God or related things to religion. It allowed us to write about pieces that had a undertone of God and make it a topic of our paper. This opened up for more discussion in the classroom, when opening up about religion we were not limited to Catholicism but we could talk about other world religions.
Attending an all female high school changed the way I value my education. We set out to break the preconceived notions of gender stereotypes in the education system. This allowed for my English class to be taught in a nonconventional way by reading pieces that with the main theme being feminism, which would not have been done in a coed school. My English teacher, Mrs. Brookbank, taught me how to be a writer and express my ideas into a paper. She also taught me how to analyze pieces of work.

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