Stereotypes and Misconceptions

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The world of today is a relatively primitive one, even with every advancement that humanity has accomplished we remain primitive in this aspect. There has been progress, even as slow in comparison to that of todays, it is progress.The ignorances and other human flaws are still very existent within every society, regardless of the boundaries between them be it geographical or cultural. Stereotypes and misconceptions exist in the modern society. Stereotypes arise when there is a single radical group who are accepted as the representation of their apparent subculture. Then the ignorant and misinformed take these “representatives’” behavior as a generalization of the entire group. While the less common misconception is made by some incomprehensible anomaly where an entire assumption is based around a single social group, that has never even proved to be true. There is a stereotype that is attached with the College educated community, they are believed to be almost guaranteed success. The fact that they have a degree in their respective field has built a stereotype of the “successful ones.” The modern society is increasingly becoming more intelligent. The progress against stigmas and stereotypes has been accelerating, but there will always be ignorance with every community to combat this acceleration. Despite the availability of education, the unaware and unfamiliar will always be present to a certain degree. It is universal truth, always an opponent to progress. The ignorance that plagues the entire world is in need of correction. Even the most educated people in the world exercise similar behaviors. It is nearly impossible, inevitable really, for any person exposed to a group of people toavoid making generalizations based on a few en... ... middle of paper ... ...tive to the community and relative to their own accomplishments. These stereotypes, misconceptions, stigmas assigned to people are pointless. They only serve to undermine the individuality that humans possess. The world should embrace and celbrate differences. The alternative would be to remain in the shadows and never understand a person beyond the exterior. In spite of all the adversitys that the college graduate community faces, that is not to say that everyone should waver on their ambitions for a higher knowledge. They should, on the other hand, excersize precaution and become well informed on their intentions. They should know the risks that are posed along with the education route. Even though logifc points to the idea that a degree is the solution for the want of a better life, The numerous affecting conditions make it another stereoty, another misconception.

In this essay, the author

  • Argues that the lack of understanding of social groups has stalled progress for anyone associated with that group.
  • Explains that the only aspect of their education that has helped them is within the screening process of the jobs. they were deemed as a better choice for the job in pursuit.
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