Personal Narrative After Birth Of The United States Essay

Personal Narrative After Birth Of The United States Essay

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What is expected of us is learned shortly after birth. You never talk back to your parents, you respect your elders, if you are a lady you cross your legs, a curse word never left your mouth, and you certainly never questioned “why” things were the way they were, or why the rules are the rules. Personally, I had to go to church every Sunday, I was never allowed to stain or dirty my clothes for any reason, I was told to always respect adults (even if they were in the wrong), and that an education is the most important thing that you can have in your lifetime. My upbringing was much different than some of my friends. Being raised with different standards can lead to feeling inadequate, or at even at odds within a society that tells us we should all act within the same guidelines. When you think about everyone acting the same not only does it seem bland, but also impossible. People are raised almost 20 years by parents (or guardians) that instill values and principals in our brains from birth. Ways to react in situations, what to wear, when to do things, bow to do things. When you think about taking millions of different parenting technique and making them into the same type of adult, you will it is similar to locating the same stripes on a zebra, impossible. If we were to spend more time teaching people that being able to feel comfortable being themselves is the biggest joy out of life instead of basing their worth off of society’s opinion of them, I can predict that there would be a lot less depression and self doubt in the world that we live in. Good examples of individuals being put in odds with social expectations are presented in "Ranch Girl," "Hardrock Returns to Prison," "Superman and Me," "Bodega Dreams," and "The Train fro...

... middle of paper ... to put more value and emphasis on an education instead of the rodeo, Ranch Girl may of found a drive to go to school more important than the drive to date a rodeo boy.
Although we are all raised differently there is one thing that we all have in common, the desire to feel loved and appreciated and understood. It is not easy to overcome racial or societal barriers. It takes an act of courage to dare to be you in a world of robots. To think for yourself and to be whoever you want to be without fear of what people think is the true accomplishment. If there is something you love and that you are passionate about, accomplish it no matter who says you cannot do it. Stories like “Ranch Girl," "Hardrock Returns to Prison," "Superman and Me," "Bodega Dreams," and "The Train from Hate," are all great examples of people that have had to overcome barriers in their life.

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