Personal Essay: Ms. Hallberg, A Teacher Who Inspires

Personal Essay: Ms. Hallberg, A Teacher Who Inspires

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Seldom in our lives do we encounter an individual or two that impacts our lives in ways that stretch far beyond what we conceived possible. Throughout my life, however, I’ve been incredibly lucky enough to encounter not one, two, or even three, but a handful of these extraordinary individuals. These people have not only ingrained themselves within my memory, but have also helped to shape the type of person that I would like to be in my life. Often times, accomplished careers are guided by the wisdom and generosity of these selfless individuals, known to most of the world as teachers. For me, my high school AP literature teacher is one of these very distinct and memorable teachers who has had an overwhelmingly positive effect on my life since the day I met her. But what made her the teacher she was to me? Teaching is one of the most complicated jobs the modern world has to offer. Not only does it demand long hours and intense planning, but boasts a need for extensive knowledge of specific subjects, syllabi, and standards. It necessitates passion, kindness - a yearn to learn and a general knowledge of discipline and management. Teaching derives itself off of a drive to make a difference in the lives of young people, a desire to educate and prepare the leaders of the future, today, in hopes for a better tomorrow. In my mind there is no better personification of these traits than this wonderful woman.
Constructivist teacher Ben Johnson writes on his blog that, “ “…great teachers do not teach.” They stack the deck, “…so that students have a reason to learn…” making, “…[their] knowledge become [more] permanent and cherished rather than illusory and irrelevant.” Prior to this class, had someone asked me what a constructivist teacher l...

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...ends helped me along the way; however, the main influences on my life were my teachers. In my experiences I have defined a teacher as someone who believes in their students, someone that allows their pupils to seek the knowledge and wisdom that will stay with them beyond the classroom, and who encourage their students to step out of their comfort zones. Mrs. Hallberg is a fine educator, and a person that I believe merits nothing less but the utmost respect. Being an educator is not just about teaching, but also changing someone’s life from nothing to a completely different person. I do admit of course that no teacher is perfect, there are many memories I associate with this class; some happy, some sad, but all the while completely memorable. I still wouldn’t be giving her proper credit if I said that without her, it would be impossible for me to be where I am now.

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