Characteristics Of An Ideal Teacher

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Teachers with Ideal Qualities can positively affect Student Achievement

An ideal teacher is someone who is passionate about teaching, creates a positive teacher/student relationship and classroom environment, and who is creative in his/her teaching.
“A good teacher is like a candle - it consumes itself to light the way for others” (Unknown Author). The study shows that teachers are the most important part of a child’s education. Great teachers inspire their students towards greatness; poor teachers can negatively impact a student 's education and success. The Kids Creates Blog to The World’s study shows that… Engaging classroom participation in a lesson will get the students’ attention, and by being creative and making the lesson fun or interesting can make an otherwise
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Another remarkable quality that a teacher can have is connecting with his/her students on a personal level, and with their individual learning styles so that he/she can better understand and help the student succeed. So qualities of an…show more content…
I have had many classes in my time where you could totally tell and feel that the teacher hated his/her job. That just makes for a negative experience all day for the whole class. The relationship between students and teacher is negative, and anything the teachers try to teach to the class has no effect on the students. Now take a teacher that loves their job, it will show in the teachers’ attitude and demeanor. Students tend to be more willing to listen and learn from a teacher that is positive, and the overall relationship between student and teacher is assured. Not just that, but the overall feeling in the classroom as a whole, is a feeling of unity, which creates a positive place to learn. So I believe that depending the attitude of the teacher, it can affect the overall learning experience for the
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