Essay on Personal Definitions Of Human, Health, Environment, And Nursing

Essay on Personal Definitions Of Human, Health, Environment, And Nursing

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Theory of Imogene King
When it comes to nursing theory there are different views and outlooks on how to approach patient interactions. Imogene King is one theorist that describes how a patient relationship and goal attainment grows in relationship to several systems. Some of the systems that King felt played a role in a person’s goal attainment are personal, interpersonal, and social. Each of these three systems have paradigms that also play a role in King’s theory (Nursing Theory, 2013, para 2). This paper will serve to discuss personal definitions of human, health, environment, and nursing. This paper will also serve to give an example of King’s theory in practice as well as to discuss the Self-Care Deficit Nursing Theory (SCDNT) process in regards to a current nursing situation.
Personal Definitions
Much like anything is life, every person will have a different personal definitions for many things in life. When it comes to theory there are no incorrect responses to the personal definitions. Below is the personal definitions of human, environment, nursing, and health compared to the definitions of Imogene King.
The personal definition of a human is one that has life and varied characteristics, and the ability to make selections about that life. Imogene King felt that a human was one that has the ability to perceive, think, feel, choose, set goals, and to make decisions (Nursing Theory, 2013, para. 4). King also felt that humans had three fundamental needs in life; for health information, to seek out medical care, and to care when care is needed (Peteprin, 2015, para 2). Both the personal definition and the King definition feel that a human has the ability to make selections about life.
Like before, a person...

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...nt states she wants to get better but states she doesn’t know if it will ever happen. This is an example of self-care deficit.
The next steps after identifying the deficit is to use the nursing process to develop a plan to return the patient to the maximum level of potential for daily living. The nurse will use the already collected date and develop a nursing diagnosis of Self-care deficit syndrome related to partial paralysis. Once the diagnosis has been completed, the nurse must them identify goals that the patient can reach within a given timeframe, followed by nursing interventions to help meet this goals. So in a nut shell Orem’s theory is to be used in conjunction with the nursing process. If you use these steps, the process does provide a basis for interpreting the data and designing a nursing system to meet the needs for nursing care.

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