Performance Management System Is An Art Of Developing A Process For Managers

Performance Management System Is An Art Of Developing A Process For Managers

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A performance management system is an art of developing a process for managers and employees to work together to plan, monitor and review the employee’s work objectives and overall contribution to the organization. It is more than just an annual performance review, performance management is the ongoing process of setting objectives, assessing progress and providing support and feedback to ensure the employees reach their goals; as well as ensuring that they are in-line with the organization’s competitive strategy (HR Council, 2015). According to the textbook, the performance management system is effective only if the employee’s progress and performance are continuously monitored. Monitoring the day-to-day performance of an employee does not mean watching over every aspect of how employees carry out assigned activities and tasks. With this paper, Team Purple will assist Hotel Ole to design an effective performance management system that will coordinate employee contributions with organizational strategic goals (Werner, 2012).
Performance Management System Plan
In the development of the performance management system, Team Purple will develop the plan so that it will:
• Verify each employee’s job descriptions to confirm accuracy regarding the individual employee’s’ responsibilities.
• Verify that the employee’s job description is related to the organization’s goals, objectives, and strategic plan.
• Develop the plan so that it shows the deliverables, expectations and results to be used to evaluate performance. (Including job Performance/knowledge, professionalism, working relationships, customer service, commitment and quality of the service, communications and leadership/managerial Skills

The rating system to evaluate t...

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...Communication and Leadership/Managerial Skills. More emphasis was focused on the Professionalism area as it dealt with more of the employee’s interactions with co-workers, customers, and commitment to the organization. Team Purple believes all were key components to the success of aligning the organization’s competitive strategy with employee performance. Team Purple’s performance management system provided opportunities for feedback every 120 days to assess improvements and areas of concern that need further coaching for as a corrective action. Team Purple believes with the implementation of the recommended performance management system, that, by the end of the evaluation period, all parties will have a clear and unbiased assessment of the employee’s performance in order to effectively evaluate the annual appraisal and provide the appropriate compensation package.

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