The Perception Of Police Officer Ryan Is A Microcosm Of America 's Racial Climate

The Perception Of Police Officer Ryan Is A Microcosm Of America 's Racial Climate

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At its best, Crash as a microcosm of America’s racial climate. It emphasizes and upholds many of the country’s beliefs on race, and shows true stereotypes that plague the minds of some people today. Individually, each of the films characters, develop generalizations show some type of discrimination or racial aspect that we can learn from.

Officer Ryan is one of the characters that stands out in terms of relevance in racial relations and stereotypes today particularly considering the current perception of police officers in America. Ryan is exactly of what people, namely African Americans, say they fear in a cop. He is white, entitled, and deeply racist. Nonverbally he carries himself with an air of arrogance and abuses his power on a regular basis. Several times throughout the movie he uses the fact that he is a white police officer to oppress those he is supposed to be serving. The most obvious example of this is when he pulls over the mixed couple Cameron and Christine, and then sexually assaults Christine while checking for weapons. However, he proves later on that he does not exert his dominance over just minorities. After his partner request his own car to avoid another situation like the one above, Hanson strongly shakes hands with him, he held him close and proceeded to tell him that after doing this for years, he will become a different person. He tells him he will become another racist cop.

I would describe Ryan as a white supremacist. Not only is he racial, but also sees himself as being above those of color. He seems to think that he is entitled to the power that comes from his ethnicity. He believes that because he is a white male living in North America, he is somewhat at the “top of the food chain”.

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...Ryan teaches. Bitterness and circumstances can cloud our perception of people. He allowed a few occurrences to change his view of an entire race. The bitterness he felt about what happened to his father consumed him. Observing all the negatives of the black people and other minorities, events he saw everyday as a police officer, lead him to classify all African Americans as bad people.

This reaction, unfortunately, is only human. I myself sometimes stereotyping groups of people based on just a few experiences I had. I have never taken to the extreme that Ryan did but still, this is not right nor fair to those people. We should not let the few bad experiences paint the way we perceive a class of people. The experiences we have with people is just a small sample of a race, and how we handle and carry ourselves after negative experiences is what defines who we are.

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