Sociological Analysis Of The Movie Crash

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Although I have watched the movie, Crash, many times, I had never looked at it through a sociological perspective. It blew my mind how much you can relate this movie to sociology, but also the more I got to thinking about it, the more it seemed to make sense. Everywhere I looked I found someway to connect this movie to some sort of sociological term, which I thought was pretty cool.
Crash is a movie based over a day and a half in Los Angeles. It is an overview of a group desperate people 's lives overlapping as the deal with tense situations such as race and privilege that accompanies city life. One of the main characters is the white district attorney who uses his political prowess to step on other races; his wife who was recently carjacked
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One of them was racist and would use his authority to exploit minorities. During a traffic stop, the movie director and his wife were pulled over for allegedly performing felatio on her husband. During this stop, the racist cop thought they were drunk, so they were taken out of the car. During the pat down of the wife, the racist cop sexually assaults his wife reaching his hand up her cocktail dress. The director did not say anything when the officer felt up his wife because he was worried about his social role. Social role is a set of expectations for a certain group or type of person. In this case, he was a director and worried that his social role may be tarnished if he were to argue with this police officer. We saw that later in the scene he and his wife began to argue because of…show more content…
Later on in the movie she has her locks changed and the guy that changes them is a Spanish guy. She ends up accusing him of selling her spare keys to fellow gang members because he dressed similar and looked like the people who robbed her, she is stereotyping this man. Stereotyping is assuming that all members of a group are going to act and be the same. She fails to realize that his exterior does not reflect who he truly is. He is a hardworking father trying to make a living to keep his family safe in a world that is working against

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