The Perception Of Culture And Its Effect On Society Essay

The Perception Of Culture And Its Effect On Society Essay

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Our perception towards society comes down to our words, and the meaning that we give to them, kind of like a play. In sociological terms, one would be able to use the term ‘acting’ as the illusion we give that precedes our true intentions. Our performance is internally reduced to our lives that act as our stage. Furthermore, our audience becomes our social actors: such as our friends, family, and aqantinces. The perception of culture is far from linear or understood but is multi faceted and complex to where only the ones who live it can explain it. (Insert thesis)

Social actors in our society become evolved in culture - where it (culture), on an unconsciousness level, becomes discordant to our learned behaviors and understandings. To put it simply, the article makes reference to the term crime -which can mean nobility to one and morality to others behind it. Never the less, the term becomes ambiguously generalized under the negative umbrella, and in latent terms - it is a bad thing to do. However, the overarching acceptance is not cross-cultural and is readily agreed upon.

For instance, a different methodology is used when backing the underlining response of dance. The article looks at art as a formation of cultural identity and discovery. Dance to one 5is a masterpiece that comes with the combination of interacts and purposely micro-moves. Eventually, as one will soon find out, the label we associate with something can, and will change our mode of understanding and vocal interpretation of the topic in question. In such instance, dance can be deemed to be on the higher scale of society in all forms of socio-economic and cultural respects.

Contradictory to other subjects, one would never distaste an artwork, as it would com...

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...hroughout and brings a unique perspective to the light of the individual. Our society tends to sometimes get lost when looking at the larger picture put one, just as Edwards did, has to change its perspective and look at the individual – thus leading to statistical analysis. (11) Using analysis creates a categorical data base that in fact such as swords, guns and coffins that all draw back to the ‘expression the state of a people as to one particular point of culture” (11) is as to the tabulation of suicides and murders within a population.

You have audience’s who cannot go from the smaller picture to the larger picture – a tree to a forest. On the other hand you also have people who cannot go from the larger picture to the individual, such as philosophers. There applications of theory are at the least theoretical, to where they are unable to put them in practice.

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