Peer Power : Clique Dynamics Among School Children Essay

Peer Power : Clique Dynamics Among School Children Essay

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Culture is the language, beliefs, values, and behaviors that are passed from one generation to another. Inside one large culture, there are smaller subcultures and even smaller cliques. A Subculture is a group whose beliefs or interests are not the same as those of the larger culture. Subcultures and cliques are present as young as primary school age. In our culture, subcultures exist and affect us in different stages of life.
We know about subcultures in high school like the goth, grunge, and preps. But the idea of subcultures starts earlier than that. At an early age, children start to separate into groups. These cliques are not subcultures, but they are the start of them. Groups of children start a friend group and those friends discover like thinking’s through an “application process”, bullying and exclusion. In Peer Power: Clique Dynamics among School Children by Patricia and Peter Adler, the couple discusses how cliques work in young school age children. The authors discuss the components in the social lives of preadolescents. They describe how friendships work and change and how children are accepted and excluded from groups. The first steps these kids use to gain friends are recruitment and application. At the beginning of every new year, kids in school scan their classrooms to find new members. On of this kids the interviewed said “I the fall, right after school starts, when everyone is lining up and checking each other out, is when people move up, but not during the school year. ” (Adler 's 1998). The leader of the cliques are nice to get new members to like them, and then when they are accepted into the group, they are interrogated, ridiculed and sometimes bullied into leaving the...

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...ners made their own. They created their own subculture with gangs, cliques, and rules.
Subcultures are present in all of our lives whether it is in Primary School, Middle School, High School, College, or any other aspects of adult life. The clicks that were present in the primary school of the Adler 's children show that at a young age people group together. And the example of Jocks in High School shows how those groups start to gain certain images and personalities. The Frat Boys studied by Boswell and Spade show how groups of people can develop their own culture 's way of thinking tradition and how these actions affect the larger culture. The prison riot shows how subcultures can develop easily Within a larger culture How far these examples show how subcultures are present in every stage of life and how they affect the people around them.

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