The Style Of The Modern Hipster And The Style And Culture

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We live in a world where reputation can be highly valued and classifications are important to fit in with certain groups. People typically want to fit in with the group that is most popular or those with the best influence. But if you look at the subcultures today, they are often overrated and do not match up to your true values. Consider Hipsters for example who have been around since the 1940s and have transformed to the modern days as an important subculture of our generation. The term was first used by jazz musician Harry Gibson, who called his fans “hipsters” (Gonzalez, n.d.). According to the article “The Origins of the Hipster”, the group protested traditional societal expectations and embraced the style and culture of the lower classes,…show more content…
The stereotypical person in this subculture is middle or upper class, and highly educated. Urban living, natural and healthy diet choices, and eco-friendly resources typically come to mind when someone says the word “hipster” (Gonzalez, n.d.). They claim to be against anything mainstream in society, wearing vintage clothing and listening to alternative music. Are they really against this or is it just the look that’s intriguing? If you were to walk around my college campus, I can tell you that you would come across a variety of people who fit this description. The style of the modern hipster is now more mainstream than ever before. People are all trying to fit in with the look of the subculture and this is causing a problem of deindividualization. The people who try to perceive this look are simply doing it to fit into a group, and losing the value of their real identity. If you are only trying to fit into some certain criteria, you probably don’t believe in the values you are following. This subculture started to go against mainstream ideas and strove to be unique from others, but media has caused it to be the “cool” culture that everyone wants to be a part of. Consider conserving the environment, for example. Using alternative methods of transportation such as bikes and scooters is an important value of hipsters, against the mainstream transportation of a car. Media has caused this to…show more content…
Because the image of a hipster has become a trend in which many follow, people do not like to admit that they fall into the category. A poll from the Public Policy Polling showed that “77 percent said they were not hipsters, 10 percent said they were, and 13 percent noted they were not sure” (Petri, 2013). This poll also found the there was “denial of being a hipster” or thinking “highly of hipsters.” Although we cannot view the participants and truly identify them as being a part of this subculture, we see the denial of some people of being called “hipsters.” This shows people rejecting who they are, simply because of the mainstream views of the current culture. Back in the 1940s when the term was created, we saw people opposing important problems in society and people standing out from their common culture. The hipster culture continues to change through the years and more people are beginning to leave the trend. Why are people hopping off the bandwagon? Some may deny it so they don’t seem mainstream and others may realize it is not who they truly are. Either way, media has influenced the way people view themselves and it continues to be a problem within this subculture and many others. If this continues, we will see the constant decrease of people finding their identity and some will even be scared to admit to fitting into their true
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