Pattern of Urban Development along the Expressway Essay

Pattern of Urban Development along the Expressway Essay

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3.1. Historical context

At the end of the 1950’s and during the 1960’s and 1970’s the idea of corridor development, both planned and unplanned, was actively studied and discussed among spatial planners, designers and scientists (e.g. by C.F.G. Whebell, George R. Collins, C. Doxiadis). Many of these practitioners and scholars also encountered the difficulty of visualising the dynamics of corridors and often referred to (earlier) schemes and designs of linear cities.

A study on both the definition and visualisation of corridors in this time-period may contribute to the discussion on corridor development and urban networks. These designs/concepts/studies show early examples of thinking. They recognise the importance and formative character of mobility and modern infrastructure for urban development; not only regarding accessibility but also new ways of urban concentration instead of sprawl etc.

These studies are based on a combination of city and countryside. Three spatial designers and/or researchers; George R. Collins (art- and architecture historian), C.F.J. Whebell (geographer) and C. Doxiadis (architect/urban designer) who were actively involved in the discussion on corridor development during the 1960’s are studied. Each of them has studied the concept of corridor development, from their different points of view and different disciplines.

3.1.1. George R. Collins (architectural historian)

The contemporary art- and architecture historian George R. Collins wrote a series of articles on linear planning in the late 1950’s and the 1960’s. Collins wrote in response to the rising popularity of the concepts for linear cities in those days. There was actual unplanned linear urban growth and lack ...

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