Patient Centered Care At The Center Of Treatment Essay

Patient Centered Care At The Center Of Treatment Essay

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Patient centered-care as the term suggests should epitomize the patient at the center of treatment. Services developed with the patient engaged in their care and the physician creating a treatment plan individualizing the patient’s needs and preferences. However, the United States (US) health care system has struggled with fully implementing patient-centered care. Appropriate and timely access to care, integrating health systems to provide coordinated care, and access to health information, I believe are the critical elements that are often hindered in the US health care system. The good news is that with the enactment of the ACA, progress has been made to deliver patient-centered care; although it has taken nearly a decade, since the Institute of Medicine listed it as a crucial measure of quality in 2001; but there is still improvement needed for patient-centered care to be a priority in the health care system.
Access to care, is the most crucial piece as it has a domino effect on other aspects of the health care system. Access embodies – timely care (received when symptoms, and illness initially are a concern, not when the illness has progressed so far, and emergency department becomes the first option), affordable care (being insured, reduced out-of-pocket costs) and integrated care (holistic, treating the whole person). This equates to quality patient-centered care; providing appropriate treatment, in a timely manner, with patient engagement to produce the highest outcomes. Integrated care is one of the biggest challenges, because the health care system has become so specialized it treat’s a portion of the patient, instead of the whole individual.
Continual strategies to improving access, and investing in public health are ...

... middle of paper ... connect patients with necessary services (US Health & Human Services, 2014). Health centers are one of the critical access points in the health system, as services are provided, regardless if individual’s ability to pay. This funding supports the patient-centered care model and encourages quality services provided at health centers and other health services throughout the nation.
I am delighted to see patient-centered care at the forefront of the health system. The policies support patient-centered care, and attempt to move the focus back to the patient, instead of financial gain and the insurance company’s willingness to pay. Providing public health resources and integrating systems will enhance the system. Additionally, adding measures on patient-centered care (needs, preference, engagement and satisfaction) are important aspects of the system that were missing.

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