Parole Is The Release Of A Convicted Offender Essay

Parole Is The Release Of A Convicted Offender Essay

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Parole is the release of a convicted offender after he or she has completed a portion of his or her prison sentence (Alarid & Del Carmen, 2012). Probation is a form of sentence for violating the law, which suspends the convicted offender’s sentence for a period of time and releases the offender back into the community under specific conditions (Alarid & Del Carmen, 2012).
The overcrowdings of many state prisons are the result of offenders, who are sent to prison for violating the terms of their probation and parole (Lawrence, 2008). According to a report by the Department of Justice, in 2006 thirty-five percent of all state prisons intake were offenders returned to prison for violating their parole (Lawrence, 2008). These new intakes contribute to the rise in the cost of corrections (Lawrence, 2008). There are some circumstances that warrant the offender being returned to prison, in order to, protect the public. State responses to the technical violators are governed by different laws and policies (Lawrence, 2008).
Offenders on probation are supervised in the community by probation officers and the offenders must adhere to certain conditions and not commit any new offenses (Lawrence, 2008). Some conditions that the offender must adhere to include: submitting to drug tests, meet with the probation officer, participate in required treatments, do community service and etc. (Lawrence, 2008).
Some state laws provide a guide for how to respond to probation violations to include: creating specialized violator programs and facilities, authorizing community options, and putting restrictions on incarceration (Lawrence, 2008). For example, in Georgia the law states that probationers who violate a general condition of probation may...

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...awrence, 2008). State laws promote parole and probation officers to keep working with offenders in the community instead of revoking their parole or probation because of violating the conditions (Lawrence, 2008).
An alternative option to incarceration and community options is to create special facilities for those offenders who violate the conditions of their parole (Lawrence, 2008). State laws for probation and parole violators are geared towards more efficient and cost-effective ways to manage parole and probation (Lawrence, 2008). Most states have made it a priority to reduce prison intake and control corrections cost without jeopardizing public safety.
In my county, probationers who violate the conditions of their probation, but do not commit a new crime are sentenced to weekend incarceration instead of being placed in jail on a probation hold for two weeks.

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