Essay on Parking Policies on Campus

Essay on Parking Policies on Campus

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As a non-traditional student of the University Mary Hardin Baylor, I can say parking policies could use some changes. I understand the need for parking policies for safety and security reasons, but some parking rules are just ridiculous. My family has four vehicles, only one of them has a UMHB parking sticker. This sticker was issued at registration; it is one of the many hidden fees that are added into tuition. I sometimes drive different vehicles to campus. When I drive different vehicles, I have to go to campus police to get a temporary parking permit. However, I do have the option to purchase a sticker for each vehicle, if I want to pay fifteen dollars for each sticker. Another parking issue is that vehicles cannot be pulled through or backed into a parking space. Neither backing into a parking space, nor pulling forward into a parking space causes any safety or security problems. Does it really matter if the rear of the vehicles is facing the outside row? Rules and regulations have their place, but some are just ridiculous.
The current parking policies, for students who park vehicles on campus are required to have a valid parking sticker properly displayed on the vehicle. These stickers are traditionally placed on the left rear window, of the vehicle. Some exceptions are made for vehicles that do not allow for the sticker to be placed on the rear window for example a convertible. In this case, the sticker is then place on the windshield. When asked about the reason for parking stickers, I was told it is for security reasons. The sticker or permit allows campus police know if a vehicle is authorized to be on campus. It also shows who it is registered to, in case that person is needed. In addition to parking stickers, vehicle...

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...the placard in whatever vehicle they are driving. This would make parking much easier for those who have different vehicles. Once a placard it purchased it would only need to be renewed each year. Currently parking stickers are replaced every fall.
The new policy should no longer issue stickers. There are many reasons to change from window stickers to placards. The most important reason is convenience. It would be convenient for both the campus police and students. By using the placards, campus police would be able to use scanning guns to quickly obtain needed information electronically. For students it would be more convenient to move the placard to any vehicle. Policies have their place, and some are for valid reasons. But some polices are ridiculous and make no sense. The Administration should consider changing both the parking policies and parking stickers.

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