Case Study: Lack Of Parking Spaces On OU Campus

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Unit 1 Paper
Lack of Parking Spaces on OU Campus
It is hard to find parking on campus, especially during rush hours. Both students and professors are encountering trouble for this crisis. As a simple example, the parking lot next to the Sarkeys building is always full. This problem is a continuous, daily hazard. As a student required to maintain a lot of class schedules and activities, I suffer from the parking problem daily and find that others encounter the same. It is true that the university is working on a new parking garage, but during the construction process, there is no alternative way to settle the crisis. The official home page of OU parking and transportation services is a source to consider for exploring the problem.
The University
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I ran to my class, but unfortunately I missed my quiz. Similarly, many students miss a few minutes of their classes because they have to go to several parking lots to find a spot. With tight class schedules, the university 's suggestion of parking in Lloyd Noble and then using the bus service is not convenient. Lloyd Noble is 2.0 miles away from the Bizzell Memorial Library (the center of the university). Using the buses at Lloyd Noble is not a good idea because students have to check the schedule of the buses, and they might waste more than 20 minutes of their time waiting for the bus. Moreover, Lloyd Noble buses do not stop; at every bus stop, so students are limited to one stop area. I remember one day my advisor came from Houston to visit me, and he was about one hour late because he said he was struggling with parking. In addition, I have seen shuttles stop at the parking near the Duck Pond (the parking located east of the football stadium) and use it as a drop and pickup area, which makes extra hazards for other car drivers to drive on and cross the roads. All these problems cause delays in students ' schedules. If this situation continues, students will miss more classes, and that might result in a bad performance in the classroom for many. Again, the Lloyd Noble bus services ends at 8p.m., and the text, home page, assumes…show more content…
It is everywhere else in Norman: at the mall or at a busy restaurant. The interesting fact is that the OU parking services page mentioned that Norman campus has approximately 10,650 spaces (10,050 surface spaces and 600 garage spaces) designated for the OU community. In reality, the number changes daily due to construction projects on campus. As new constructions take place, the number of parking spaces are

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