Parental Involvement : Student Achievement And Overall School Experience

Parental Involvement : Student Achievement And Overall School Experience

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One of the major changes to increase parental involvement is to allow many of the school council membership to be parents and guardians of the students. Research has shown over and over that parental involvement has a great impact on student achievement and overall school experience. As a matter of fact, Wilder (2014) states that “the impact of parental involvement on student academic achievement has been recognized by teachers, administrators, and policy-makers who consider parental involvement to be one of the integral parts of new educational reforms and initiatives” (p. 377).
Smith (1993) states that “in most schools’ teachers and parents don’t have much power to influence policy, which often leads to isolationist or cynical attitudes toward any problem that extends beyond the immediate classroom, for the teacher, or beyond their own children’s needs, for the parents” (p. 51). However, part of the OSD strategy change is to provide a benefit that will include a transparent process where student performance is reported by each individual failing school. In addition, parents and the local community will be entitled to more opportunities to participate in public hearings and in the development of the plan to help the failing school. Public hearings will allow stakeholders to be actively involved in the progress of each failing school.
According to OSD supporters many false or misleading statements have been cited and discussed about the Opportunity School District. For example, some stakeholders believe that OSD will cut local funds and remove funds away from the good schools. OSD have publicly published that no OSD-eligible school will lose funding once it enters the OSD. In fact, OSD strategy will allow decision-making to...

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...process the change management must be political awareness, sensitivity, able to communicate and negotiate the changes, and be a team-builder. It is obvious that the OSD will emphasize long-term implications of the change on the wider community, providing high collectivism cultures. Although the OSD was comparatively designed without the assistance of many local school leadership, the change tends to be implemented top-down. Based on the controversial, there are high resistance to the proposed change. However, according to Frynas and Mellahi (2015) “people facing change often go through five phases as they discard the old and internalize the new: denial, defense, discarding, adaptation, and internalizing. It is important for the change agent to recognize the stage that an individual has reached and to empathize with the difficulties they may be having” (p. 331).

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