Parental Guidance Film Review : Movie Review Essay

Parental Guidance Film Review : Movie Review Essay

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Parental Guidance Film Review
Answer each of the questions below. You may add additional rows as needed.
1. Using the table below, identify the immediate and extended family members, their role in the family (e.g., mother, father, oldest child), their developmental period (e.g., infant, adolescent), and a typical developmental issue presented in the film for that family member. (6 points)
Member Name Role Developmental Period Issue presented in the film
Artie Decker Grandfather Middle adulthood Struggles to master his daughters parenting style and the loss of his job.
Diane Decker Grandmother Middle adulthood Wanting to be more involved in her grandchildren’s lives.
Alice Simmons Mother Early adulthood Worried about being the perfect mother, wife, and balancing her job with family life at home.
Phil Simmons Father Early adulthood Wanting his wife to be with him
Harper Simmons Daughter (oldest child) Late childhood Trying really hard to not disappoint her parents by quitting the violin. Overworked and stressed from her upcoming audition.
Turner Simmons Son (middle child) Early childhood Has a disability and has trouble with bullies
Barker Simmons Son (youngest child) Early childhood Has an imaginary friend that gets him into trouble

2. For all individuals in Tables 1 and 2 labeled as a parent or grandparent identify the parenting styles (Chapter 3) observed and provide an example from the film to support your answer. (4 points)
Member Name Role Parenting Style Example(s)
Artie Decker Grandfather Authoritarian When he goes to spank Barker and by using the word No on the children with no reason behind it
Diane Decker Grandmother Permissive She just wants to be the cool grandmother and wants her grandchildren to like her. Let’s he...

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...isability did not make things any easier the mother had to pay and take her child Turner to therapy to help improve his stuttering disability. It seemed as if the mom was always running in the film to she had to take Harper to violin practice, Barker had playdates, and Turner had baseball and therapy.
I also saw two different supports that the parents used to their benefit in the movie. The dad Phil worked on developing theses smart houses that featured new and up in coming technology. This smart house helped the mom and dad manage their children by pouring their cereal in the morning, waking them up, and making sure the kids had supervision whenever the left the house. The parent’s income also provided for the family as one of the main supports. Without both of the parents high paying jobs they wouldn’t be able to pay for Turners therapy or Harpers violin lessons.

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