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The question for my report is, What impact has Eddie George had on sports. Eddie George played a big role in the world of football. He and Steve McNair led the Tennessee Titans to the Superbowl, but they lost. Eddie George was 8, just another young kid on the neighborhood playground who fantasized about winning the Heisman Trophy, when his mother, Donna, began to get his life in the order she wants him to grow up in. "Eddie would never stop," said Donna's mother, Jean McCarthy, whose yard in suburban Abington Township, served as one of her grandson's playgrounds. "His friends would be saying, come on, Eddie, we gotta rest, we gotta rest, but Eddie would say, no, no, we gotta play, we gotta play. "He was always running," Jean McCarthy said. "No surprise to me he turned out to be a running back."(7) As Eddie was growing up, he put team goals before his. He wanted to play football, he wanted to go to college by playing football, he wanted to win the Heisman Trophy, and he wanted to play in the pros. His mother Donna said, " to fulfill those goals, you have to build up your character." She was the "architect" in the family. Eddie, 22, and his sister Leslie, 25, who works for an insurance company in suburban Philadelphia, grew up in a single parent household, after their mother separated in 1980 from their largely absentee father, also named Eddie. They were later divorced, and Donna said that Eddie's relationship with his father remains distant. (5) However, "the single- parent" is misleading for despite the circumstances, Eddie and his sister were reared in a structured, loving and religious environment, not only by their mother, but by her parents Fred and Jean. Jean usually was there to help during the years that Donna worked two and sometimes three jobs. She was determined to do more than make ends meat. Their mother was a very busy woman; for the first nine years of Eddie's life, she was a production manager at Ford Aerospace during the day and a fashion model during the night. Later that year, she joined TWA to be a flight attendant and she left Ford Aerospace. In later years as her children became more expensive, she also took on extra work as a product importer and banquet caterer. Donna didn't do the fashion shows every night, but when she did, she used to take Eddie and Leslie to work with her and have them finish their homework until it was time to go.

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that eddie george played a big role in the world of football, leading the tennessee titans to the superbowl, but they lost.
  • Explains that eddie and his sister, leslie, grew up in a single parent household, after their mother separated in 1980 from their largely absentee father.
  • Explains that eddie and his sister were raised in a structured, loving, and religious environment by their mother and her parents fred and jean.
  • Explains that eddie attended catholic grade schools for six years and loved sports, but his mother also exposed him to many other things, such as ballet, theater, playing the drums, and scouting.
  • Narrates how eddie celebrated his growing independence in the strangest ways. his mother gave him money to get his hair cut before they left for penn state.
  • Narrates how eddie was a hotshot jock at abington high school and his respect for his schoolwork was beginning to diminish because of peer pressure. when donna's brother derek came to visit them, he peered into his room and saw him acting up.
  • Narrates how donna rejected eddie's request to go to summer school to improve his math skills, and he was eligible for football in the fall.
  • Explains that eddie was the number one draft pick of the houston oilers, who are known as the tennessee titans. donna was scheduled to work on the ill- fated flight 800 from new york to paris, but eddie's agent, lamont smith, persuaded her to change her schedule so she could fly into san antonio.
  • Explains that eddie george has run for 1,826 yards at ohio state this season, the most in one year at a school whose runners have won five heismans.
  • Explains that the tennessee titans are a bonafide super bowl contender, and floyd reese would trust eddie george to get them where they've got to go. george can carry the offense like few other backs in the league can.
  • Analyzes how george has started every game in his four-year career, all 64 of them. he's one of only four backs to run for at least 1,200 yards in each of his first four seasons
  • Analyzes how the 6-foot-3, 240-pound eddie george is among the strongest and most durable backs in the league.
  • Analyzes how george hasn't had a big year yet, but he's been consistent.
  • Opines that george's presence makes the titans one of the biggest threats in the playoffs.
  • Opines that eddie george is as fresh as he's ever been at this point of the season.
  • Concludes that eddie george has had a major impact on sports because he pushed his team during the superbowl, and other players might have been thinking of how they can push their team in the next season.
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