Essay on Pain And Emotional State Of Pain

Essay on Pain And Emotional State Of Pain

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Pain therapy

Pain is an unpleasant experience, a signal that something is wrong and a demand for immediate change.

According to recent updates of the medical model, pain is rather created by the brain than passively perceived as specific information about pain that arrives from the body.

The process of perception of pain and emotions has a similar neurological path and activates similar brain regions. The pain is perceived as a feeling by the emotional brain, and the outcome is conjointly negotiated and decided with the cognitive brain, a similar process as for the emotions.

Even though in the complex process of decision-making whether it is necessary or not to generate a sensation of pain, the brain considers a lot of factors, including the health, the wounds and the emotional state of mind, the feeling of pain is created by the brain. This means that if you are in pain, you are not necessarily physically ill or hurt. And if you are physically ill or hurt, you will not necessarily be in pain. Therefore, the term "idiopathic" which means "uncertain or unknown cause" is often used to describe painful conditions. Between 15 and 20 million Americans are living with various fancy named, unexplained pains.

Although you see yourselves as one entity, in fact, you are composed of trillions of semi-independent cells. Each cell is an organism by itself that has its own organs, metabolism, needs, feelings and knowledge of its existence. For the so many cells to function as one body there has to be a communication system available and coordination between them. When a physiological imbalance occurs, you have only two regulatory options. To directly address the imbalance of each affected cell, known as a bottom-up regulatory process, or ...

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...therapy. Most benign pains will greatly improve or disappear completely after a single treatment session. Whatever the nature of your pain is, there will be a significant improvement with traditional hypnotherapy.

The exact outcome of your therapy depends mainly on you, as the best results a therapy has to offer always comes out of the therapeutic approach that you trust the most. Furthermore, your expectation of the outcome is lowered by each failed attempt to solve a persistent pain/tenacious health problem.

Often, physical pain is just a sign of unresolved traumas, a warning that there is still work to be done in healing emotional wounds. However, if you have a consistent or long-lasting physical pain, you should consult your physician.

Whatever your pain may be, don 't allow it to cripple your life.

The "No Cure - No Pay" principle applies to all my therapies.

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