Overview of the Arab Culture Essay

Overview of the Arab Culture Essay

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Name of Culture
Arab is not a race, but is a group of individuals that are united by their culture and history (ADC, 2014). There are many different variations commonly based on a particular individual’s country of origin such as Arab Americans. Other variations are based on their social class, the level of their education, if they live urbanely or rurally, or the time they have spent in the United States (Lipson & Dubble, 2007). Most Arabs also practice Islamic religion and are Muslim. When working with an Arab or Muslim client, nurses should ask what the client wishes to be referred to so as not to offend them in any way (Lipson & Dubble, 2007).
Countries of Origin
There are 22 countries in the Middle East and North Africa that are considered Arab countries. These countries include: Egypt, Iraq, Kuwait, Morocco, and Yemen (ADC, 2014). Before the spread of Islam, Arabs were any nomadic, Arabic speaking inhabitants of the Arabian Peninsula. Presently, the term Arab is used to describe any individual that speaks Arabic living in the Arabian Peninsula and the surrounding areas (Encyclopedia Britannica, 2013).
Predominant Language
Arabs primarily speak Arabic with “variations in the dialects, words, and meanings in different Arab countries” (Lipson & Dubble, 2007, p. 43). Despite the different variations, most Arabs understand each other. All Muslims are required to read the Koran that is written in Arabic. While they all read this, not all speak Arabic fluently, or at all in some cases. There are some ethnic minorities that speak their own language, and are not understood by most of the surrounding populations. In the United States, nearly 600,000 people speak Arabic in their own homes; professionals and business p...

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