Overcoming My Hard Time Essay

Overcoming My Hard Time Essay

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Life is a struggle and sometimes, it’s difficult to get over a problem. Everyone has their hard time, so do I. I have been experiencing many failures, betrayals and fell down many times. However, I still manage to get up and go on. There’s one memory that has a huge impact on my thinking. It doesn’t last long, but surely a challenge for me. It’s when I lost myself and my goals...
Yes, I used to lose myself, but luckily, I could get rid of it in time. It happened about four months ago, when I was in the midterm of the first semester. As a student, it’s not easy to balance between play and study. To say the truth, I’m not a hard-working person and only care about entertainment, money and appearances. A few years before, when I was still in sencondary, I have been suffering from massive of pain, both in mental and physical ( Fights, Arguments, Cussing, Betrayals, Tricks, etc.) But none of them could make me lose myself. Until on October, I have a big argument with my best friend and realized that she has been stabbed my back and used me for a long time. Right when I moved to m...

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