Overcoming Obstacles In Life

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In life, people will always have something to say about you in everything one does in life, either negative or positive, but it’s the moment when you let what is said upon you affect the way you live your life, that when its becomes a problem. I for myself have been victim of so many people saying things about me and letting get into my head, but I had the courage to overcome a lot of obstacles like that. I have struggled with a lot of obstacles in my life some got the better of me while I have been able to overcome most of them. I am writing this essay to give an example of an obstacle which I struggled with for a very long time and I nearly took the best of me, but with time I was able to overcome it. What I could struggle to learn throughout my teenage years was the concept to forgive and forget literally, don’t get me wrong back then I watched a lot movies with the teaching to forgive, heard it all from going to church and all other different sources but still I couldn’t just come to my mind to forgive the people that actually hurt me when I was going through possibly the worst time in my life and forget all they had put me through. I grew up in the ghetto part of my country Nigeria where a whole punch of craziness goes on daily without nothing been done in the betterment of that status. I myself fell into that kind of lifestyle where it …show more content…

Due to the circumstances that I had to live my life with I was disowned by my family all because my parents were ashamed of the person I was becoming, not heeding’s to their teachings of not letting the environment I was in getting the better of me but I should use the place I was as a reference to be better in life, I didn’t blame them at all because I could only imagine back then how block

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