Essay on Outdoor Sports and Adventure Education

Essay on Outdoor Sports and Adventure Education

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In many schools across the nation, adventure education and outdoor sports are very important. These different types of curriculum provide benefits that many other curriculum does not provide, as well as a basic knowledge for outdoor activities and living. Not only will outdoor sports and adventure education get kids moving but it will also help kids become more aware of the world around them and can learn activities that are used on a daily basis outside. With the many different types of these activities, there are hundreds of different things that can be done in a physical education classroom. There is not just one curriculum to follow, but instead there are many different sports that can all give different life lessons and work different parts of the student's bodies. Outdoor sports and adventure education is a curriculum that all teachers should incorporate in all different grade levels.
 Although there are two parts to this type of curriculum, both outdoor sports and adventure education overlap a great deal. Outdoor sports mainly focus on sports that are mainly done outside and in it's normal state use the outside world. Although, it also means that any sport that is played outdoors is considered an outdoor sport. Adventure education is more specific. Adventure education is defined as “an experimental process that takes place in challenging outdoor settings where the primary purpose is to build and strengthen inter- and intra-personal relationships, personal health, leadership skills, and environmental understandings” (“Adventure Education”). This includes such activities such as ropes courses and team challenges. They are smaller games that require students to think but at the same time they are making students be physically...

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