Our Age Of Acceptance Of The Lesbian Community Essay

Our Age Of Acceptance Of The Lesbian Community Essay

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Our age of acceptance
For the past 70 plus years, the growth of the homosexual community has not come for the community at all, for thousands of years the gay Community has been around, since back in the Greek myth stories, to the kings and queens of the Europe, even to the beginning of our very country.
Recently however it has seemed like the gay community has been growing and “taking over”, which is a ridiculous notion, who you love doesn’t really matter. The “taking over” that seems to have taken place is more of a more open and informed society. Informed being with the rise of the media and news outlets, before the social media grew so much, just the news reporters. that started to report on the gay community and as to what they were doing. It gave the society a glance into a community that had been thought to be dormant in our society. In the reality is has always been there.
This new revelation that a community thought to be “wrong” ,Or “Immoral” was really just a lack of knowledge ,which if It history is any gauge to what happens when a lack of knowledge gets a hold of the general public, people usually fear what they don’t know. That being said within the last 20 or so years with the rise of the internet and the growth of ready information, there then became an outlet for those shunned by and outcast for being gay could inform at least those that cared to listen about what was going on. Even more recently with the Extreme explosion of the social media and how they leeched onto every part of our new age lives. There is a new acceptance of any lifestyle in the new generation. An acceptance that the new age is really not as concerned, referring to previous generations; how supple they were with alternative lifestyles to th...

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...wledge has made the community grow be the outcast. The acceptance or rather the tolerance of the gay community is going through, is believe to be on that horizon for the transgender community.
With our modern society of acceptance of all walks of life, one thing is clear, the curve of which the gay community went through in gaining acceptance is not going to be as drastic I want to believe in the trans community. There is a long way to go for any tolerance of difference in our society, whether it be race, gender, or orientation. However with the growing amount of the LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender) community, there really isn’t any other option but to accept that people are innately just different. This is a good think if we can come to accept the differences in each other we can see different viewpoints to our social problems and evolve as a society

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