Organizational Structure At Wl Gore & Associates

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Organizational culture at W.L.Gore & Associates can be described from the aspects of shared social knowledge within the organization from rules, norms and values that shaped attitude and behavior of its employees. When we look at the design of organizational structure at WL Gore & Associates Company, this is a company without any hierarchy or conventional structures, from the view of organizational ethics there is no formal code of ethics or a companywide mission statement. The business units under the W.L gore were also not required to have any code of ethics or mission statement .The people in the organization operated under a un-management style lattice structure. The observable artifacts of W.L gore’s organization’s culture is manifested in various physical structures, stories, rituals and ceremonies .One of the observable physical structure artifact of the organization is size of any facility is not more than 200 employees. Small plants were maintained to accentuate a close-knit and interpersonal atmosphere. These small plants were clustered together on the same site like the one at Flag staff, Arizona. The other physical artifact that is noteworthy is the lunch room with fire place in the center where people have a focal place for interaction and this is the only area in the plant for lunch and also most of the sites had a beautiful surrounding and climate appeal, land cost was never an issue to encompass a warm feel. The stories of W.L .Gore’s products were always about high value of reputation and unequal reliability. For example like the wire and cables product; Gore-Tex-expanded-PTFE which was used to combat cardiovascular disease is an excellent example of high reliability medical application. The product champions a... ... middle of paper ... ...pletion. Personal growth, development were given at most importance for the associates through various in-house programs in leadership, technical and engineering training .Coaching and advocacy were major part of associates growth, helping and encouraging and dealing with weaknesses as well as concentrating on strengths. The organizational structure didn’t have any managers and organizational pyramid was very short. The company believed in developing role models of leaderships in various cross functional areas, it encouraged entrepreneurial approach for developing new teams, new business, new methods, new markets and new products. Self responsibility was highly valued and viewed positively. For example, product specialists were leaders who co-ordinate research manufacturing and marketing of a product type who had deep knowledge and dedication towards their products.

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