The Organizational Process Of The Cosmetic Art Department Essay

The Organizational Process Of The Cosmetic Art Department Essay

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In this paper, there will be a discussion of the organizational process of the Cosmetic Art Department. It will describe what is good, strong, important, and successful about the Cosmetic Art Department and ways to improve it. The SOAR approach will be utilized when describing the qualities of the Cosmetic Art Department and how the attitude of appreciative inquiry can affect the influence and negotiation process for improvement.
What is Good about the Department?
The Cosmetic Art Department is a good department, because it provides outstanding education that is approved by the Board of Cosmetic Arts Examiner. The instructors are skillful and the staff is proficient, which empowers the students to become expert learners. The salespersons provide quality products used in students’ practical training that makes the facilitation of instruction trouble-free.
The department’s aspiration to provide students with an exceptional learning experience makes for a good department. It generates success for all those that are connected to the department and opens the door to new opportunities, such as program expansions and community involvement.
The Cosmetic Art Department will always have an opportunity to provide an excellent learner experience for all their students, because the students will always be the first and foremost the most important asset of the department.
What is Strong about the Department?
The Cosmetic Art Department is strong because it is established upon a solid foundation, which includes a support team that is knowledgeable about the cosmetic industry. The textbooks used by the department have been development by experts in the field of cosmetic arts and other resources, such as prior testing opportunities before...

... middle of paper ...

... measurable results of the Cosmetic Art Department were disclosed under the “important” heading. These headings discussed the strengths, the opportunity, the aspiration and the results of the Cosmetic Art Department.
This paper showed how the attitude of appreciative inquiry can affect the influence and negotiation process for improvement in the Cosmetic Art Department. It discussed opportunities to allow a partnership to be established and an avenue for personal growth to be experienced; thus, enhancing the performance of those involved in the department and framing the strategic goals of the department.
The paper incorporated various techniques of the quality of improvement that included building a partnership between the department with other departments, engaging the instructors for the long term to bring about a sense of accomplishment and personal growth.

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