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 Controlling is the fourth management function and its purpose is straightforward- to make sure that actual performance meets or surpasses objectives. It is well used for decision making and problem solving. Effective control depends on other management functions and it gives feedback to them. These functions are planning, organizing and leading. Planning sets directions and allocates resources. Organizing puts people and material resources together in working combinations. Leading motivates people to use these resources in the best way. Basically, the function of controlling is to make sure that the right things happen in a right time and in the right way.Control helps that overall directions of individuals and groups are consistent with short-range and long-range organizational plans. Also, it helps to ensure that objectives and accomplishments are coherent with one another throughout an organization. Moreover, it helps maintaining fulfillment with essential organizational rules and policies. Good example where we can see role of control is in helping to protect individual rights to become equivalent with employment opportunities at work. The control process practiced by managers includes four steps: 1) establish objectives and standards 2) measure actual performance 3) compare results with objectives and standards and 4) take actions if necessary1. The controlling process starts with establishing performance objectives and standards which means that the controlling process begins with planning. Performance objectives should be defined and associated with specific measurement standards for determining how well they are accomplished. Standards are the targets of performance. The next step of the control process would be measur...

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...rder of priorities. Additionally, companies like Maybelline Company and Fashion Air historically developed their company plans with little regard for U.S economy because of the assumption that cosmetic sales are not influenced by recession. Through Feedback control cosmetic companies came to the conclusion that economic downturns indeed influence sales. Feedback control made the industry to recognize the needs of previously untouched population which include Afro-American, Asian, Hispanic and native American woman, who can`t wear mainstream makeup lines because the colors were developed for white skin. After successful feedback cosmetic companies had developed separate brand especially for these women.

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