Organic Foods: They Are Only Natural! Essay

Organic Foods: They Are Only Natural! Essay

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When going to the grocery store or supermarket, people have a one track mind. Their one and only concern is food, food, and more food. Most shoppers come prepared with a list, so they can get in, get the supplies they need, and go happily on their way. Some shoppers tend to pick out brand name or well advertised products. Others prefer the brands they grew up with as kids. However, many choose the money saving route and buy only the items that are on sale or the cheap knock-offs of the original. With all these different kinds of shopping habits, do any of these customers stop and think about what items might be the best for their families and the world? Do the consumers know where their products come from, and how they were produced? There is one item on the shelves that states it directly on the label. This item is organic food. Organic foods may be found in multiple stores and supermarkets now, and shoppers are becoming more and more aware of them. Organic foods are produced for the benefit of people and the environment in terms of how they are grown, raised, and processed; additionally, their cost, availability, and health benefits play dominant roles in human and environment welfare as well.
In fact, organic foods are beneficial to society because of the way they are grown and maintained. “Organic farming is based on the idea of producing healthy, natural organic food, keeping the soil healthy, encouraging and enhancing biodiversity, and using sustainable farming methods,” stated Healthy Eating Made Easy (“What Are 1”). Organic farms do not use synthetic, artificial fertilizers or pesticides on crops; only biological pesticides, pesticides from natural resources, are used. Natural fertilizers include manure and compost to ...

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... not only a healthy choice for a single person, but also a choice for future generations and the world.

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