Essay about Organ Donation : The State Of Oklahoma Legalizing The Selling Of Organs

Essay about Organ Donation : The State Of Oklahoma Legalizing The Selling Of Organs

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Organ Donation

According to, over nine hundred people are on a waiting list for some organ in Oklahoma, in addition to the thousands that need a corneal or tissue transplant ( Organ donation is seen as something selfless, noble, and all around a good deed in the eyes of most Americans. So, why don’t more people do it? If one thinks about it, most people would only donate if it were a family member or friend because it is rare to just donate one for the fun of it. Most people don’t know how many patients are actually waiting and dying because they can’t get an organ. But what would happen if it were legal to pay someone to donate an organ to transplant? Would this change the way organ donation is viewed completely? Maybe so, but it has so many benefits that it is hard to ignore. The state of Oklahoma legalizing the selling of organs will be beneficial because it would lower the amount of patients on the waiting list, lower the death rates in the state, and compensate people who may need it.
Nine hundred patients is an exceedingly large number for something that could be so simple. These patients are on the waiting list to find a donor because they don’t have a match in their family, have no family or friends that will donate, or are too far down on the list. People sit and die every day while we could be helping them with organs we don’t even technically need. The decision to legalize the compensation of an organ donor would not only help people that are in critical need of new organs to survive, but cancer patients who need bone marrow, etc. This would be something that would benefit the entire state of Oklahoma in a positive way because it would lower the number of patien...

... middle of paper ... are numerous reasons for why this is a beneficial idea for Oklahoma to consider. There are hundreds of people on the waiting list for whatever organ they need, and patients die waiting on the list every day. Making the sale of organs legal would be practical because it would help out patients and give organs to people that need them, while also compensating the people who gave them. Whoever gives an organ is obviously volunteering to do so, but this way many more will feel the need to do so, instead of just family members or friends of patients. Legalizing the sale of organs could be reasonably done by putting a system in place with rules and regulations to ensure the safety of everyone involved. This system would lower the number of lives lost every day while waiting on an organ and help bring in more viable organs by compensating the people who choose to donate.

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