Oral Hygiene / Health Education Essay

Oral Hygiene / Health Education Essay

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Based on the Mueller-Joseph & Petersen model, the patient exhibits increased biofilm accumulation related to lack of knowledge and dental care. Also, there are active caries related to excessive sugar intake. Correcting the damaged restorations, active caries, and disease would help to retain less biofilm. Teaching proper brushing and flossing techniques would help to eliminate existing and future biofilm accumulations. The patient may also want to consider altering the substance and frequency of her diet to help control the pH level of the oral cavity and prevent the need for future restorations.
Oral Hygiene / Health Education
On the initial visit the patient stated that she only brushes once a day in the morning with a manual tooth brush, rinses with equate mouth wash after, and uses waxed floss picks approximately once per month. She thinks her last cleaning was around eight years ago. During OHI when she modeled her brushing technique she was brushing in small circles using the Fones method. When brushing the maxillary molars she would keep her mouth open wide preventing her from reaching the full surface area. While flossing, the patient would take the floss straight down into the middle of the sulcus and straight back up again continuously throughout the dentition. Not only was the frequency of her brushing and flossing minimal her technique was poor.
I really wanted to focus on correcting her oral hygiene methods, I felt like improving her performance would be a great initial step for future goals. The first thing I did to improve her routine was introduce a new brushing technique. Although the Fones method is acceptable for some it was not the best choice in her case. I recommended the Stillman method for her. I felt ...

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...sed her sugar and soda intake. Knowing that sugar is precursor for caries, and considering that the patient already has two active caries I concluded that excess sugar consumption was contributing to the patients oral diseases. The last thing I emphasized to the patient was accurate brushing and flossing technique along with frequency. Research successfully proves that leaving bacteria undisturbed in the oral cavity for longer than six hours allows it to form a stronger protective barrier making removal harder as time passes. When a patient is improperly brushing and flossing as well as not brushing or flossing enough they are allowing bacteria to grow rapidly and excessively, which can cause serious oral and systemic health issues. My patient learned new information, acquired effective skills, and with my help made small strides to improve their oral health status.

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