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Online Business

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Online Business
This paper includes the process of online business; how to sell a product, advertising, various ways to create awareness and how to become a reseller. Laws and conditions for an online business.

Online Business
This article includes the process of online business; how to sell a product, advertising, various ways to create awareness and how to become a reseller. Additionally it consists of Laws and conditions for an online business, spamming, electronic signatures and online sales tax.

Online Business

At the very start, internet revolution was known as a world wide web that would change everything. In 1990s, the concept of "online business" was created, this business is known by various names such as dot-coms, e-biz etc. which made easier to start a business on internet and inexpensive as well. Whether it's a big or a small, local or international it can reach infront of the world very easily. Thousands of ventures have been made on internet for online business on the basis of brick and mortar. Online business is not different from any other venture. Same rules and principles are applied. First thing to start up a business is to create a business plan and think of how to make money. Some of the options which should be applied for an online business includes, sell products, sell advertising, sell information, sell services and to become a reseller. All of these options are complied together. For any virtual business an individual should always look for products with high margins, high demand and less competition either for physical or digital manner. However, many services are sold on internet such as web hosting, domain name registration, software applications and comparison of different products and services. Selling information is another basic option in an online business which is done in two forms, one is subscribing on a website where online articles are available for free and on the other hand e-books are popular and are free, they can be downloaded easily plus when the writing is done the cost of subscription is very low. Advertising on internet leads toward a lot of money though it's an expensive procedure, with a lot of traffic on a web site one can make money easily by joining any kind of ad network such as Google. By getting affiliated with another web site can also make a lot of money such as sending a buyer on another merchant's web page, like this one can get a percentage on per sale basis but first an individual needs to get expert in marketing for search engines.

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In all a lot of traffic in required to generate money. Once a business plan is made, to make a web site is the second most important thing for any online business because it helps to determine the content needed on a web site, makes easier communications with web developer and can measure proper results. For instance a person needs to drive customers for a store front, it can be easily accomplished by making a simple single paged web site for online coupons, promotions and newsletters but for brand awareness a web site should be designed deeply with developed online advertising. If a company is working on a big scale than a lot of money is spend plus time. This work can be done by a good web site consultant who can fulfill the requirements by using latest software's. A web site is also known as a business tool which helps to create awareness among the customers.
Sometimes, it gets hard to sell a product on internet. There are various methods to be applied for selling products online, such as eBay which it self can help to sell a product, if a business has started on small scale than an experiment with eBay is most important. Drop shippers is another choice, it's a process where a wholesaler will ship directly towards a customer. In this way investment is not necessary. It can be done by finding a local business or low scale businesses which offer's the right product which is not yet into online business, it can help to exchange percentage if it is sold online. Another way to sell products is to buy them in a huge quantity which means many of the seller gives a discount for buying their products like this and then to sell them online. Competition is another problem for any online business. It is very necessary to analyze the competition that every business should attempt, web sites change so quickly that it becomes very hard to keep an eye for what they are doing. Search engine's can be used to find another company which can be done by writing different kinds of keywords, web sites which appear on the first page of the search engine are the ones who are succeeding in this game. In order to recognize the same company to check out their updates, a bookmark is must for marking out those web sites. Following stuff should be kept in mind while analyzing a competitor's web site, usability, site content, search engine ranking, benefits, promotions and offers. All the characteristics are shown on the web site while examining the web site. (Ana Rincon)
When internet business grew and became popular in many states, the legislation took action for electronic and digital signatures. When E-Sign took place the question arose that whether it takes such state laws on the subject. an electronic signature is an electronic data used for parties to a transaction. This signature is a unique, electronic and is in a form of a code for electronic contracts or documents, this allow the parties for easier and quicker transaction without any paper work. Electronic signatures are also define as an electronic sound or process which is associated with a contract which accepted by a person to sign a record. A policy was made for on the basis of E-Sign's that the legal electronic signatures and records cannot be denied because they are in electronic form but if the states law modifies and points out an alternate process for the use of electronic signatures or records for such procedures with the involvement of E-Sign may not validate only one type of technology. Online business should keep in their mind that individual states can add various laws affecting electronic signatures. However, legislation has failed to enact bulk, commercial e-mailing etc. In order to balance financial structure most of the companies use e-mail as very helpful tool for advertising and marketing because it's has potential vast reach and at times e-mail is used for sending beneficial information to specific consumers according to their requests. Furthermore, It should be noted that commercial e-mails are often send as bulk which is also known as spamming. Many laws have been passed but it didn't help to enact anti-spam law. In United States, court passed a law for retailers that they cannot collect sales if a customer is in another state tax unless they have physical presence. If an online business is selling tangible products than sales tax is required. A state may requires collecting taxes on sales from its resident which are out of the state. Such taxes are also known as 'use' taxes. Although, the main point is that for any state it is very difficult to enforce laws, so the state only rely on honor system for collecting use taxes. (Encyclopedia)

Rincon, Ana. "Online Business/Hosting"
An informative article, consists of various methods to start an online business easily.

Encyclopedia. "Online Business"
It's all about laws and restrictions for online business, spamming and internet sales tax.
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