The One Child Policy Video Essay

The One Child Policy Video Essay

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In the One Child Policy video they spoke about what the policy was and how it created negative unintended consequences within China. The first concept I want to introduce to this essay is ‘population’. In the text the term population means “A target group to be studied” (Henslin 103). China started this policy because their country was getting over populated and China’s population started increasing in the 50’s and 60’s. They chose to keep boys because they say they are more loyal to the family, carry the family name better, and will stick around longer. China has 1/5th’s of the planets population which is over one billion people. The one child policy also causes babies to be abandoned in random areas like trash cans, random boxes, and other places. The video also states that 25% of girls adopted abroad from China go to the U.S. The video also spoke about how the adopted children were also affected mentally. Now that they have this policy, boys scarcely outnumber girls in this country. There are 13 million more boys than girls in China. By 2020, 40 million males in China won’t be married. This leads to problems in the present and future.

The second concept I linked to the video was latent functions. In the book, the term latent function means “the unintended beneficial consequences of people’s actions” (Henslin 81). I chose this term because China attempts to control their population. The outcome they want happened, but has had unintended consequences also. One unintended consequence is that girls in China are now getting abandoned and left on the streets without any notice. Another unintended consequence is how men are going to have a hard time finding a mate in the future because of the denial of girls in China. This also ca...

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...te number of ways and can represent not only objects but also abstract thought” (Henslin 42). I chose this concept because since the adopted girls from China are sent to the U.S. or wherever they are adopted to, they end up not learning their native language. This problem relates to the last concept I am going to use which is ‘Culture’. In the text Culture means, “The language, beliefs, values, norms, behaviors, and even material objects that characterize a group and are passed from one generation to the next” (Henslin 34). I chose this concept because with the loss of language comes the loss of culture. Once a person is takin out of their native country, it is natural to adapt to the new ways of living. The babies that come from China to the U.S. don’t have an opportunity to take part in their native culture because they are brought to the U.S. and are Americanized.

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