Essay about The On The Boiling Crab

Essay about The On The Boiling Crab

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The location is one of the most critical factors to analyze thoroughly because it helps predict whether the sales of the choosing location will be good or not? Although the Boiling Crab is in the growth stage, it still has to focus on new locations that the owner plan to extend to these areas. As I mentioned in the introduction, the owner plans to open the Boiling Crab in four new locations soon.
Referring to the assignment2, the benchmarking of successful location may guide the owner of the Boiling Crab to select the location with the same group of customers. This is a very logical way to use without the primary research of people in each area directly. There are two locations, Rosemead and Duarte, that I choose in the assignment 2. However, Rosemead is the location that The Boiling Crab plans to open soon, but Duarte still does not in the plan. In addition to both location, there are many other locations coming from the calculation of benchmarking method, such as Carson and Hacienda Heights. The zip code or city from the program are not enough because the owner has to search for a good location to open the restaurant. The parking spaces is the most important because almost all people in California use their own car rather than the public transportation. Moreover, the surrounding area should have other restaurants or grocery stores. People usually love to go to shopping before and after the dinner because they do not want to waste the time to go to many locations. Thus, they have a tendency to choose the location of the restaurant in the strip center that they can do many activities at one time. Many existing locations of the Boiling Crab are located in the community or strip center which is the strategic plan to choose the ...

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...estaurant was introduced into the market since 2004; therefore, the marketing strategy is one of the best options for the Boiling Crab to apply for the business in order to sustain it in the growth and maturity as long as possible. I analyze the strategy for the growth stage for the Boiling Crab because I think that the Boiling Crab will maintain its position in this stage for a while before moving toward the maturity stage for the next chapter of the business. Therefore, the Boiling Crab can sustain what it has done since passing through the beginning of the growth stage, but it should come up with some new products, and periodic of promotion. It can use the same strategy for the location by using the benchmarking of the successful location, but the Boiling Crab should not increase price of foods dramatically to avoid losing the market to the fierce competitors.

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