Essay about Office Of Information Technology And Teaching Practices

Essay about Office Of Information Technology And Teaching Practices

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We will look at Central Michigan Universities (CMU) Office of Information Technology (OIT) today. CMU is a nonprofit organization that is dedicated to preparing students for successful careers regardless of the students chosen academic field. As a higher education, business CMU must consistently be looking for new ways to teach students and always be ready to adapt to the newest technology and teaching practices. To help ensure this is meet CMU has recently created a new strategic plan. Part of this strategic plan is a set of priorities within the vision statement. The priorities are student success, research and creative activity, quality faculty and staff, community partnerships, and infrastructure stewardship (Strategic Planning).
Organization and its Objectives
While it is important to understand the overall goal of an organization or business, it is also important to understand a specific area within that business. Looking specifically at the OIT department, we can see how and why certain management styles resulted in great results for that department.
CMU’s OIT’s mission statement is “OIT Provides strategic technology leadership for CMU and advocates for the informed and efficient use of technology across the University” (2015, April 11). Retrieved from
The OIT department is further broken into smaller departments in order to allow for the proper staffing and control of each department. One such example was moving the two student computer labs under the leadership of the Computer Repair Department. This was an important move because the two departments are closely related and often worked together to achieve common goals.

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...chnology-based repairs to students for less money. As stated there is nothing that CMU can do about how competitors price services and a lower cost could result in the loss of business. Instead, CMU must focus on building a good relationship with current customers. This way those customers will stay loyal customers, even if they could get the work done at a lower cost.
Another threat is the leak of confidential or private information. With the huge following that, WikiLeaks had and the growing population of hackers, all companies need to focus on this. Leaking information can result in a tarnished reputation, loss of customers, and monetary loses. While this threat cannot be eliminated, it can be reduced. Ensuring that a good system for gaining access to private/confidential information is key, along with having a well-established consequence system in place.

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