Obesity Is Not At All An Issue Anymore Essay

Obesity Is Not At All An Issue Anymore Essay

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Fat’ is not at all an issue anymore, it is a new normal in America as a recent survey showed that 42% of Americans were critically obese and 8% ate the survey (Levi, Jeffrey, et al. 2012). American children in their early ages are able to witness the downfall of a fit nation and a rapid growth of people like teddy bears roaming around. Isn’t it cute to see chubby people around, I mean it shows the nation is prosperous and abundant of food is available it to it. Many nations are struggling to rise from the oppressors whereas the ‘Americans’, they are struggling hard to rise from beneath their own weight. The government and health organizations are worried about obesity issue. According Oliver the author of a book says, “ 60% of Americans are overweight and the definition of obesity and overweight is intentionally defined and classified by health organizations, bureaucrats” (Oliver). They do not know the fact that obesity have strong impact over economy, it not only provide people employment, it also leads the production of innovative products, customized products and bulk of companies are making huge profits; just because of fat people.
Many doctors, healthcare centers, and fitness trainers’ stress that American people must try hard to slim down. The idea of reducing weight is against individual rights of freedom and the constitution under first amendment gives liberty to live the way a person wants. So why pressurizing others to be slim and trim. The overweight people are blamed to have such diets which can make them fat but this is not reality; the beautiful model in the ad of coke is slim. The slim models in coke, chocolates, and fast food ads are evidence that these kind of foods are not harmful. So why make people unhappy to s...

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...erefore, they go for businesses like opening fast food chains and restaurants etc.
A lot of people talk about taking steps to eliminate this so called problem of obesity these days without taking into account the consequences of this dangerous action. If somehow all the obese people are vanished from USA, then what will the gym owners, fitness instructors and bariatric healthcare providers do? Who would take the responsibility of consuming the enormous amount fast foods produced by McDonalds and others? Who would drink the Colas and Bear? How would the normal people survive a day without having to watch any ads of slimming teas and diet plans? I say that these innocent people should be left as they are otherwise the extinction of these adorable creatures may disturb the overall balance of the society and this may spread chaos all around the United States of America.

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