Essay on Obesity Is Becoming A Serious Issue

Essay on Obesity Is Becoming A Serious Issue

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Obesity is alarmingly prevalent in the United States today. Defined as an overabundance of fat (adipose) tissue, obesity is one of the major leading causes of death in America. Because obesity “is one of the most pervasive, chronic diseases in need of new strategies for medical treatment and prevention”, it is a significant problem in the United States ( Although obesity may be a considering challenge facing adults, child obesity is also becoming a serious issue. Affecting almost one-third of all adolescents, child obesity is caused by various sources. Though research has shown that child obesity may be passed down from parents to offspring somewhat, inadequate eating habits in conjunction with low amounts of exercise are the ultimate cause.. In the United States today, adolescents are regularly eating fatty and unhealthy foods, in addition to not getting the required 60 minutes of exercise per day set forth by the government. Additionally, the growth of the fast food industry and a recent surge in the field of technology has also exacerbated the issue. Fast food has become an easy meal for busy families, while technology has created many technological and social media outlets that have distracted adolescents from the outdoors. Parents and schools are also not doing enough to help. Parents are encouraging inferior eating habits that eventually pass on to their children. Furthermore, schools supply adolescents with substandard meal choices and have removed much recreational activity from the school day. Due to a lack of physical activity and poor diet, child obesity has become a controversial issue in the United States, and parents and schools are not doing enough to combat the dilemma; the diet and health of Ameri...

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...hysical activity in schools may not be as straightforward or painless as it sounds, both prove beneficial to students. Sound eating habits and adequate physical activity have been linked to improved cardiovascular function and blood flow. This increased blood flow has positive effects on the brain, leading to enhanced cognitive function and ability. Research has shown that fitter, healthier children test superiorly in comparison to their obese counterparts. These results can be attributed to the fact that healthier students have enhanced cognitive ability, in addition to greater self-esteem and confidence. Like parents, schools are pivotal in the fight against child obesity. School shouldn’t pertain solely to learning, but to “setting [adolescents] on a healthier path to adulthood where their choices are no one’s responsibility but their own” (

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