The Nurse Is Not Following Appropriate Ethical Guidelines Essay examples

The Nurse Is Not Following Appropriate Ethical Guidelines Essay examples

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After noticing that your resource nurse is impaired several steps should occur. The nurse is not following appropriate ethical guidelines. According to lecture, ethics is defined as rules or standards that govern conduct. The nurse who has slurred speech and glassy eyes has the autonomy to make his/her own decisions, but showed up to work acting in a harmful manor to her patients. However, the new RN needs to alert her supervisors because everyone disserves to receive the care that is appropriate. According to lecture, that is defined as justice. The impaired nurse will not be able to properly treat his/her patients to the best of her care. The new nurse should do several things to address the issue at hand. First, he/she should assess the situation to fully understand what is going on. Next, the new RN should assess and gather information about what it going on. The RN should also gather any legal information that could potentially help when handling the issue. Also, the new RN should determine which options he/she to address the issue. Finally, acting on the issue is next. To make ...

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