Nurse Burnout And Its Effects On A Hospital Environment Essay

Nurse Burnout And Its Effects On A Hospital Environment Essay

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The problem in the previous paper addresses whether or not short staffing in a hospital setting contributes to an increased number of nurse burnout. The focus of my groups work is to identify relevant causes that contribute to a nurse burnout and the interventions with providing evidence based research. The significance of this issue is that nurse burnout has contributed to numerous adverse affects in a hospital environment. When a unit is short staffed it creates a nurse more stress and responsibilities that contributes to participating in workarounds which are “short cuts”. If the nursing interventions are not done per procedure then there can be associated complications. “According to the Michigan Nurses Association, short staffing is connected to higher infection rates, higher preventable falls and higher death rates (Ermak, 2014, p.3).” Other problems related to short staffing is that once a nurse is feeling burnout this causes an increase rate of turnovers which would disrupt the entire health care organization (Ermak, 2014). “Overall, the results of the Whitman et al study suggest that the effect of staffing on patient outcomes is highly variable across specialty units but, when present, the relationships are inversely related, with lower staffing levels resulting in higher rates of all negative outcomes (Garrett, 2008, p. 1197).”
The purpose of this paper is to interpret the two relevant articles that are most important to the group topic which is nurse burnout. This paper will describe significant evidence based findings in regards to insufficient number of nurses opposed to sufficient amount of nursing staff. This paper will provide the concepts, methods, instrument tools used as well as if the authors described any rel...

... middle of paper ...

...ul events as well as increased stress overall?
This paper looked at how studies apply research principles for evidence based findings. It is necessary to critically appraise all evidence presented. After appraising the evidence it appears one article had higher validity and reliability opposed to the other one. “A vast amount of research has found a relationship between lower nurse staffing rates and higher rates of adverse patient outcomes (Garrett, 2008, p. 1200).” Although there was little statistics presented in the second article according to the Michigan Nurses association, “short staffing is connected to higher infection rates, higher preventable falls and higher death rates (Ermak, 2014, p. 3).”
These articles did provide insights that showed inadequate nursing staffing does have negative outcomes to the patient and contributes to nurse burnout.

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