Essay on Nuclear Energy Is A Nuclear Reactor

Essay on Nuclear Energy Is A Nuclear Reactor

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Nuclear energy is a fairly fresh energy source; in 1945 scientists industrialized a source of energy that would change the world for better or worst. Nuclear energy is made inside a nuclear reactor. Uranium is used in every reactor, its nuclei are split into two or more fragments in a process called nuclear fission. When the nuclei is split it releases a colossal amount of heat, the heat then is transferred to water. From there the water turns into steam which turns a set of turbines that supply power to thousands of homes. It is safe to say that nuclear energy is less expensive then the use of oil for electrical power due to its smaller volume of fuel. Uranium also releases no chemical or solid pollutants into the air during use. However, this source of energy is not all positive. The accidents of Chernobyl and Fukushima led to hundreds of lives ending. The amount spent on the waste produced from nuclear energy is also a catastrophe. Nuclear energy has its advantages, but unfortunately the disadvantages include calamitous nuclear breakdowns along with spikes in cancer from radiation and even nuclear terrorism.
On April 26 1986 a disastrous incident took place, one that would go down in history… Chernobyl. This nuclear reactor breakdown led to fifty people dying in a fire and over 4,000 deaths due to the life threatening amounts of radiation. The World Health Organization even identified 237 workers with Acute Radiation Sickness. The nuclear disaster led to 135,000 having to leave their homes because of an incident that took less than a minute. Nuclear energy was not worth the countless lives put in jeopardy. To endanger so many lives for electrical energy is simply not right; this disaster should be a wakeup call for the futur...

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...te adds a good 3-4.5 billion that is taken from higher taxes or electricity bills. Reprocessing nuclear waste has effects that will hurt every American, whether it is terrorism or the money out of their pockets.
In conclusion nuclear energy is not a viable energy source due to its harmful health effects to anyone around the power plant, and the chances of a nuclear breakdown that will lead to inevitable deaths. This can be proved with the occurrences of Chernobyl and Fukushima which both led to people dying instantly and suffering prolonged diseases. It is also proved that cancer cases raise more than 64% after a nuclear meltdown. Along with these facts the nuclear waste produced by nuclear power plants is expensive and if it enters the wrong hands- deadly. Nuclear energy has too many downsides that can affect and damage the population surrounding the power plants.

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