The Pros And Cons Of Nuclear Energy

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There are a lot of great discoveries and cool stuff in science but some people might not know about them. For example: nuclear energy, nuclear power plant, and chemistry of fission, etc. Some people might not even know why radiation is dangerous, or what happened in the Yucca Mountain. It is also good to know accidents in a nuclear power plant because it doesn’t give a fantastic result. It caused some accidents at Chernobyl and the terrible disaster in japan caused by the tsunami. But nuclear energy is not just bad it can be good too, some advocates think that nuclear power is good at burning coal or natural gas. The nuclear energy can be compared to the yinyang because it has some good but it also has evil or bad.
First let’s see what nuclear energy exactly mean. According to nuclear energy means the energy release by a nuclear reaction, more like fission or fusion. What is fission or fusion? Fission is the process of splitting into parts; for example, an isotope of uranium splits into fragments. If you want to calculate the energy released in a mass destruction in a nuclear fission, you should use Einstein’s equation E=mc2. Fusion is the procedure of liquefying or melting by heat. It is also good to know that a nuclear energy plant is a thermal power station in which the heat source is a nuclear reactor. In April 2014 the IAEA reported that there are a lot

Sandoval 2 nuclear power reactors in operation in 31 countries. It is scary to see that in 1991, Iraq tried to destroy Israel’s Dimona nuclear power plant by launching scud missiles.
The NRC Chairman Dale Klein said that “Nuclear power plants are inherently robust structures that our studies show provide adequate protect...

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...e form burning oil, coal and other fossil fuels. Cavanagh said that “Nuclear power is dying a slow death in the market place, which is what matters in determining its future. Scientist in “Pandora’s Promise” claim that globally consumption could double by 2015. They said that the planet is heating up and the ocean is rising, and if the ice sheets start to disintegrate, then is unstoppable. They said that the best thing to avoid that is nuclear power. Coal is the most source used of electric energy, coal and nuclear energy contribute 50 percent of the power in Texas. Even though nuclear power plants generates like 20% of the electricity in
Sandoval 5 the U.S two thirds of respondents don’t want to live 10 miles close to a nuclear reactor. Utilities find nuclear power less, there are new solar photovoltaic installation in the U.S are springing up.
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